Dry Ice / Media-Grit Blasting

Class 1 is a leader and in all types of media/Grit Blasting as well as the development of our own exclusive hopper-less Dry Ice Incredi-Blast system. The Incredi-blaster can utilize up to an amazing 20lbs/min and incorporates an injection of the dry ice right to the hose stream from the existing 500lb totes instead of re-filling a tiny hopper every 10 minutes. Our Media Blasting process can use any type of grit from soda to glass to sponge, and have the capability to adjust to any pressure so we do not damage the substrate. We can inject a water mist for no dust or even reduce the pressure enough to remove the fuzz off a peach without damage. We use only the latest and best equipment for all your blasting needs.

Coatings Removal

Historical Cleaning

Commercial Applications

Fire and Mold Restoration

Building and Façade Restoration

Surface Cleaning and Preparation

Oilfield / Energy / Outage Facilities


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